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“With Chemistry as Art, Safren uses chemical reactions on metal surfaces to create dynamic images. With these works, Safren brings to the fore the chemical materiality of painting and the intimacy of individual artist with their materials. Safren's 'paintings' interact with their viewers through the refractive and reflective nature of the chemicals applied to their surfaces.”
— Dr. Joachim Schummer, chemist, editor.
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Online Exhibition featuring new art: "Chemistry in Art" from Hyle (German Publisher, chemistry journal): Click on Cheryl Safren. 


“To take in the full effect of Safren’s works, engaged viewers might find themselves moving from one side of the work to the other, and then squatting low before rising up on tippy-toes. Each change in the angle defined by the eye, artwork, and light source changes the work’s appearance. This interactivity is particularly compelling.”
-Ivan Amato, Senior Editor, Chemical and Engineering News, October 23, 2006