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Dec. 2017/ Jan. 2018 National Geographic Science, centerfold p50-51

"Art the Science",
Interview for Creators series

19th Annual Salon Art Show
January 20 – February 18, 2018
Opening Reception: Saturday January 20, 2018 4-6pm
Gallery Hours: Fri - Sun 12 noon - 6 pm
(except on the opening day, Sat. Jan. 20, 4 - 6 pm)
Williamsburg Art & Historical Center
135 Broadway Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY 11211

SciArt Virtual Exhibit
Embodied Curated by Marnie Benny is so popular that the Sideshow Gallery is hosting a pop-up exhibition opening Saturday, March 4th 5-8pm.
On Sunday, March 5 from 3:30-5pm there will be a panel talk featuring the artists in the show, moderated by Marnie Benny.

MorrisArts Fall/Winter Invitational
Entire 2nd Floor Atrium Gallery
Early works of Cheryl Safren
Opening Reception: Thursday September 29, 2016
Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30 pm
Show closes January 4th, 2017
Gallery Director: Dr. Lynn L. Siebert (973) 285-5115, ext 10
Atrium Gallery
Administration and Records Building
Court Street
Morristown, New Jersey 07963-0900


Art + Science National Juried Exhibition   National Juried Exhibition at Indiana University East
ISE cultural foundation   Non-profit organization providing an experimental and alternative venue for curators and artists.
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CHEMICAL & ENGINEERING NEWS: SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY   Chemistry For The Sake Of Art by Ivan Amato. Article written about the artist, Cheryl Safren, her work and her process.
HYLE   "Aesthetics and Visualization in Chemistry" by Dr. Joachim Schummer and Dr. Tami Spector "Past exhibitions and texts on art and science makes it apparent that chemistry has been, at best, scantily considered."
HISTORY OF CHEMISTRY AND ART   Chemistry and Art - Revista Educación Química en LíneaFrom pre-Colombian textiles, Byzantine and Armenian manuscripts to the current work of artist Cheryl Safren, this article examines the of chemistry's historical role in art.
COPPER.ORG   Chemistry on Copper: The Works of Cheryl Safren by Michael Cervin
RESEARCHGATE   ABSTRACT: Short History and Update: Chemistry of Copper Art Panels. The when, why and how Cheryl Safren began using chemical substances to create her art and examples of her work shown and explained.
PREZI   Elements in Art by Ava Devaney. Video on chemistry's influence on the creation of art including Safren's use of chemical reactions on metallic surfaces.
PREZI   The Symbiotic Relationship of Art and Chemistry. How chemistry is perceived by the public.
SCIART CENTER   A collaborative of scientists and artists seeking answers to the same fundamental questions.
CultureNOW   ART, ARCHITECTURE & HISTORY in the Public Realm 3 of the 8 chemistry on copper panels Cheryl Safren was commissioned to create for the James L. Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology Research Center.
IRVING SANDLER ARTISTS FILE   Cheryl Safren » Portfolio | Local Artists Showing the work of New York artists for 40 years. Including some copper panel images by artist Cheryl Safren.
CREATIVE PROCESS JOURNAL   Made Up Curiosity: Chemical design Cheryl Safren's work is another brilliant idea and great combination of science and art. The colours achieved looks like magic and so attention grabbing.
PROJECT30   Fire and Metal. A website showing the work of artists who use metal including the artist Cheryl Safren.
ART AND SCIENCE COLLABORATIONS, INC.   Here are three works by artist Cheryl Safren at the New York Hall of Science Museum show: Violet Crystals, Precipitate, and Molten.
WILLIAMSBURG ART & HISTORICAL CENTER   Salon Artists' Video Interviews
11:11   Cheryl Safren: Artist | By Simran Singh | Cheryl Safren uses what is intrinsic and pushes it into another state of being.
LEIGH WEN FINE ART   Whorl 2, Chemistry on Copper, Cheryl Safren showing at the gallery.
Micro Museum   Guest dancers: Samantha Twyford, Jessica Desmond, Susanna Meledez, Jen Torriero. Visual Artists: CAROL BETH (CA). CHERYL SAFREN( NY).
LONG ISLAND PULSE MAGAZINE   Annual Artist VIP List | Last year's VIP artist Cheryl Safren is a judge in this year's choice of VIP artist.
WIKIPEDIA   Actual Art - Actual Art is a genre of art where the collaboration with nature necessarily brings the dimension of time into it as an integral component of the artworks. The artists consider the future of the work to be as important as its present, relinquishing control over the work to nature.
THE DENVER POST   Tallyn's Reach Library celebrates 10th anniversary. Inside the library are six copper murals by Cheryl Safren, which exemplify the natural beauty of the prairie.
UNIVERSITY MUSEUMS   In the collection of Iowa State University 1 of 4 art pieces Iowa State owns by artist Cheryl Safren.