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Art & Science Symposium

Pulse Magazine Article Article
An organization for the Artist who is also a Teacher. Retired art teacher, Leighann Foster, is the founding artist/teacher of this on-line gallery showcasing over 300 artists.

Upstream People Gallery

Artist’s Space

Article in Chemical and Engineering News

"Chemistry in Art: A Virtual Art Exhibition" jointly published with the Special Issue on "Aesthetics and Visualization in Chemistry" by HYLE – International Journal for Philosophy of Chemistry.
Special Issue: "Aesthetics and Visualization in Chemistry"

art 4 business
A business to business service that assembles, delivers, and manages corporate art collections.

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center
Exhibitions, performances, and cultural events in a historic landmark structure.

Dialogue of Science with Art
The Czech Civic Group "Dialogue between Science and Art" was officially institutionalized in May 2002. It represents a group of scientists and artists who were interested in communication with friends from opposite fields.

Art & Science Collaborations
Symposiums, collaborations, exhibitions, lectures for artists and scientists.

New York Artists Equity
A resource network and support group for artists.

Buck Art
Web design for artists.